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About the company:

The history of SWS Company began in 2001 when its founder Alexey Sharadkin started his career in the sphere of rigger services for parachute systems and parachute equipment sales.

As the business was growing it was becoming clear that a specialized space and specialized equipment were required to provide high-quality service for clients.

This is why in 2004 the rigging workshop SkyCentre was established to unite rigging, services, repairing works and parachute equipment sales.

To provide the best accomplishment the workshop was equipped with full range of industrial sewing machinery required for repairing works of any complexity for all sorts of parachute equipment – light and heavy, needle and two-needle non-stop seamers, heavy machinery to repair harness systems, equipment for grommets installation.

Besides repairing works, the workshop started to supply additional parachute accessories: loading belts, risers, stashbags.

In 2005 the rigging workshop of SkyCentre began its new stage when, in cooperation with "Blade" Ground Launch Centre, it started developing the first specialized system for Ground Launch - Blade GL System.

Also in 2005 Edge BASE System had its development start.

After a year of tests, since May 2006, Blade and Edge systems have been manufactured serially to be supplied for clients and already have become popular as high-quality and reliable systems.

Since 2005 Fire skydiving system had been developed and after three years, since April 2008, has been manufactured serially.

Then, since November 1, 2006, the rigging workshop SkyCentre was reorganized and got its new name SkyWideSystems Company.

Renaming was a reflection of global changes involving removal into a new spacious office, equipment renewals, consolidation of various activities into one solid structure, introduction of a new system of internal control of materials and products issued.

Only high quality of our products and our attitude to our clients has remained the same…


The director of SWS Company – Sharadkin Alexey aka Lexa.

Alexey was born on the 20th of December, 1979, and performed his first parachute jump at Central Aeroclub of O.K.Antonov on the 28th of June 1996, as to December 2008 he has 2800 jumps.



1998 – Central Aeroclub of Antonov, Kiev, Ukraine,

2001 – ParAAvis, Moscow, Russia,

2002 – Central AeroClub of Tchkalov, Stupino, Russia, 

2005 – Training and certification in the USA, FAA rated «senior rigger».

More than 1300 reserve chutes rigging, more than 60 cases of saving lives registered. 

Tandem Master/Examiner.

Alexey obtained the license of Tandem master in 2003 after having passed certificating courses at ParAAvis based at DZ ‘Aerograd Kolomna’. In 2004 he has followed the additional training and obtained the license of Tandem Examiner. He has performed more than 500 tandem jumps.

AFF Instructor.

He has been working as AFF instructor since 2001. In 2003 he participated in the first certificating course for AFF and Tandem instructors organized by ROSTO and based at the Central AeroClub of Tchkalov. For all the credits of the course he got excellent scores. After having successfully passed all the tests he used to perform jumps as an instructor-examiner with the rest of the course students.

He has performed more than 400 AFF jumps.

Achievements in sport:

The 1st place at the FF Open Cup of the Ukraine 2007.

The 2nd place at the FF Open cup of the Ukraine 2006.

The 1st place at the RW Championship of the Dnepropetrovskaya oblast 2007.


He started Base-jumping in 2001 after Rubik’s training. He has performed various jumps off all possible kinds of objects. He is old and cowardly so now he performs only mountain jumps.


He is piloting various powered aircraft since 2007. Since 2011 - flying glider. Master Pilot rating in gliding. Pilot and gliding instructor. Glider towing.

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