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  • 01.02.2021

    SWS releases own canopies!

    From February 1, 2021, after a year of rigorous testing with more than 1500 test jumps, SWS

    makes available our own line of student canopies. These new canopies break through with unique,
    imaginative and revolutionary names - SWS Student Main and SWS Student Reserve.

    We have an active operation and training with civilian student parachutes (PD Navigator,
    Skylark Commodore), alongside with special-purpose parachutes (SWS Azimut, Airborne Systems

    Intruder), used for military training MFF and HALO programs. Those operations have given us a huge
    amount of data about changes in canopy flight characteristics, as the canopy gets older.

    It became clear, that wear, associated with use of civilian parachutes with heavy load or high
    speed openings is very similar to wear, that is obtained in several hundred “easier” applications. It
    turned out that the deterioration of flight characteristics is not due to increase of fabric air
    permeability, but merely due to significant deformations of the fabric (and airfoil), when heavy loads
    are applied. The deterioration of flight characteristics appears to be less due to an increase of air
    permeability caused by abrasion during packing and opening, but due to deformations of the fabric
    affected by heavy loads. Heavy loading stretches the textile structure, yarns and warps maybe
    displaced and material maybe even pulled out of seams. Air permeability and flight performance is
    significantly degraded, even with no abrasive wear, while the fabric strength is virtually unchanged.

    Special purpose parachutes, and tandem canopies, with similar weigh\speed characteristics do
    not seem to have such load wear, like civilian canopies. That is, because in these canopies there is
    developed a "power frame". The power frame carries the load during the opening of the canopy. The
    fabric deformation is not detected, the fabric air permeability does not change and the canopy keeps it's
    flight characteristics much longer.

    You can imagine the difference between modern SUVs, and real all terrain vehicles, with
    sturdy frames, as a comparison.

    So we ended up thinking, and saw a prospect in a concept to manufacture a student canopy
    equipped with reinforcement, developed for special canopies, to increase its lifespan. At the same time,
    because the maximum exit weight on student canopies is smaller, than on military canopies, the
    "power frame" can be simpler and more lightweight.

    We built canopies with this concept, tested them, and to our delight - the test results proved the
    idea correct.

    Now you can get a new concept student canopy!

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