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  • 02.02.2021

    New rig

    For a long time, we did not separate student rigs into a separate line.

    If the customer needed a student rig, he adds student options
    to anormal rig, to make a sport rig suitable for student operations.

    But 2020 forced everyone to reconsider their views.
    Dropzones, that had almost lost 2020 season, were asking to do

    something, to reduce the cost of student equipment.

    Our decision was to separate the student rigs into a separate line.

    Limit the choice of sizes, remove non-fundamental options, unify production, and due to this -
    make it cheaper.

    And we did it laughing

    We present the Fire 2 Student parachute harness-container.

    For the standard price (1400 USD) you get:

    • 5 standard sizes: 200 \ 200, 225 \ 225, 250 \ 250, 275 \ 275, 300 \ 300.
    • 16 standard colors and SWS embroidery
    • Cad metal harness
    • adjustable harness (MLW and laterals)
    • wide risers, 500 mm long, with soft toggles
    • main PC F-111, 900 mm, non-collapsible, with a red hackey handle
    • non-collapsible bridle
    • standard BOC main PC pouch and main d-bag
    • red cutaway handle with metal standard size reserve handle
    • RSL Brass with Collins-Lanyard system
    • inspection window, AAD display on the yoke, label pocket on the central panel, a label pocket
      on the mud-flap, a carrying handle
    • magnetic riser covers.

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