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  • 16.06.2021


    You probably already know about our new problems with competitors/haters, and read the spam, this time sended by the deeply disrespectful Gennady Antyufeev, describing problems with our equipment, warning users about death, and other streams of shit. 

    I apologize to those who were frightened or nervous by this posts.

    We needed some time to collect the information, needed to analyze what happened on another DZ.
    The essence of the accident: Jun 12, during the AFF jump, on the student harness, during deployment, MLW tape was unbuckled from the adjusting buckle. The student slipped out of the top of the harness and hung upside down, on the leg straps under the knees. The descent was uncontrollable, landing in the garden of a neighboring village. The situation was not observed from the ground, and they learned about what had happened after the student returned to the DZ, on his own.
    The Fire Student parachute system was made in 2013-2014, what gave food to our "friends" who, it seems, have already spammed the entire Internet with their joyful news about the almost death of the parachutist and the destruction of the system.

    Now the analysis results:

    1. We have known about the possibility of such a accidents since 2013, about which the corresponding bulletin was issued (see appendix). In 2014, the design of the student harness was redesigned to make this impossible.

    2. But, this case does not quite fall under the description in the bulletin. On that system, the stop-limiter WAS ALREADY installed.

    3. It is physically impossible to pass the webbing through the adjusting buckle with the installed limiter, because the stopper does not fit into the buckle. So - during installation, the webbing was passed over the buckle, then pressed with an elastic band and closed with a pocket of cutaway\reserve handles. Same way how it usually happens with the chest strap, and is drawn in all textbooks.

    4. This harness has been serviced by third party riggers for the last few years. In 2021, harness was repaired in a third-party rigger company, after which the rig was assebleb\packed there and handed over to the operating DZ.

    5.With this harness, 3 AFF jumps were made on Friday, Jun 11, with one of the AFF instructors (experienced AFF instructor, USPA rating), and on the jump on Saturday, Jan 12, with another AFF instructor (also USPA rating), harness unbuttoned. The total experience of instructors who have performed AFF jumps with this system exceeds 30,000 jumps.

    6. The backpad of the rig, at the point of exit of the laterals received minor damage due to the "pull-off" loading at an angle of 90 degrees, in 2 axes.

    7. For us, as manufacturers, it is surprising that the laterals, in principle, withstood the opening of the parachute, because "oblique" loading of the tape in the buckle, with a high probability, should have led to the destruction of the webbing. The adjusting buckle of the laterals itself has tensile strength of 225 kg, which is less than the dynamic load when opening. The seam of the laterals, and the laterals itself, are also not designed for such a loading. Similar cases in world history (the destruction of MLW on a student rig in early 2000 on the rigs of the some world's largest brand led to the death of skydivers). Probably, it is not in vain that we make “the heaviest rigs in the world” with a great margin of safety.

    8. Extremely negative is the situation when the system, aimed at maintaining the safety of parachute equipment: the rigger making repairs, the rigger making the A\I\P, the packers who packed the canopy, the instructor operating it - none of them paid attention to the glaring problem, which is just incredible a happy coincidence - did not end with the death of the skydiver.

    We urge all operating organizations to study this case, since in this way the webbing can be passed through the buckle (MLW or lateral adjustment, or legstraps) on any parachute system, of any manufacturer, at any time.
    The safety of parachute equipment can only be ensured with proper control, both in production - and at all stages of operation.


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