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Fire actual production terms are

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Measuring instructions

Every Fire container is manufactured and adjusted individually according to individual client measurements. This is why it is highly important to provide us with your precise measurements to design your harness system.

Please note that there are more measurements than usual in order form for the Fire. Additional measurements were introduced for verification purposes, they help adjust the harness system more precisely, and on the other hand, to avoid accidental mistakes during form fillout.

It is also crucial to follow the instructions for measuring procedure. Every manufacturer employs its own sizing chart and its own methods of measuring. We will be not able to adjust your harness system correctly without having your precise dimensions – please, follow the instructions.

For correct measuring you have to stand straight and still – you will need someone’s assistance. Please use the clothes and shoes you are going to wear for jumps. Please do the measuring with a tailors’ flexible ruler by pressing it tight against your body in the same way as the harness system would fit and not the way tailors do measuring (no comfort clearance please!).

Please do all the measurements required twice, and supply us the mean.


Height: the height of a person standing straight, wearing shoes.


Weight: the weight of a person with clothes.


Chest: please spread your hands and take the chest measurements at the level of your nipples. Drop your hands alongside the torso. Take the chest measurements once more. Put down the mean value in the form. Women should specify their chest size.



Torso: please measure the gap between the cavity of your collarbone and the top point of your hip bone on the side of the body (where the side stich of your pants should be located). To find the top point please follow downwards along your throat till you reach the cavity of the collarbone, this is your first top point. To find the bottom point please follow upwards along the side stich of your pants to the top point of the hip bone – this is your second bottom point.

For women, attention: please do not take the measurements over your breasts – move your breasts to the side.  In average, the value is equal to 45 cm and fluctuates between 38 and 51 cm.

Attention: DO NOT take the measurements on the front part of the hip bone or to the level of the harness rings! This is a common mistake that results in a measurement that is too long. And we need the shortest length between these two points. 


Belly: do the waist measurement at belt level (on the level of the top of the hip bones). The ruler should be applied horizontally and stretched tightly.

Warning: DO NOT take the measurements on the level of your belly button!



Size А:  please measure the distance from belt level (on the level of the top of the hip bones) on the front across your shoulder and to belt level on your back. Please use the same point on belt level that you have used to find the waist value. The ruler should be applied vertically and stretched tightly.



Legstrap: please measure the distance around your hip up to the point that before was the bottom point at torso measuring – just the way the leg strap goes. The value can be equal to 65 - 95 cm.

Warning: DO NOT DROP the top point of measurement any lower. DO NOT LET THE RULER LOOSE – it should be tight, just like the leg strap.


Thigh: please measure the hip at the level of the bottom of the leg strap (at the level of the lowest point of the torso). The ruler should be applied horizontally.


Inseam: please measure the distance from the lowest point of your torso (the point where the seams of your clothes come together) and the floor. Please stand straight. 

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