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Fire actual production terms are

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Order Procedure

To order Fire container you will have to complete a number of actions described below. We tried to make them as simple as possible.

Step by step:

Question: Where can I order the container?

Answer: You can order the container directly from the company or from the dealers. We would recommend you to contact dealers because:

- a dealer can grant you a discount (SWS discounts are only for dealers, teams and instructors, discounts for individuals are not available, sorry). 

- a dealer is experienced in measuring procedures for the harness system and has some experience in money transfer, product shipping and other procedures described below.

If you have decided to order your container from dealers you can find the contact info of your local dealer on the Dealers page.

If you have decided to order directly from SWS:

please download and fill the order form, or use the online (coloring) app.


You will need:

1. The order form or the coloring application.

2. Measuring instructions.


Q: Where to get the order form?
A: This can be downloaded from
here or found in the section ‘Downloads’. 


Q: Where to find the software for order?
A: The software for the container coloring is

Please thoroughly follow the each step by using the online form to order your container, complete your order with Step 5 by clicking at the button «Confirm and order». At the Step 5 you can see the price of your container («Calculation» button) and print out the order form (‘Print’ button).  You may save all the intermediate data of your order (‘Save” button) and continue with your coloring later by entering your saved code (‘Enter code’ button). If you have any problems entering the code, please clear your browser cache and try again.


Q: How to take measurements for the harness system?
A: The measuring instruction is here .  You will need someone’s assistance to measure yourself. Though it is technically possible to measure yourself without anyone’s help it is not the best way to do it.

Q: I have got all the measurements of my previous container (Spirit, Javelin, Status), is that enough?
A: When you read the measuring instructions you will realize that our measurements are totally different. It is pointless to provide us with the measurements of any other container – this information cannot help us.


Q: There are so many sizing requirements in your form, I cannot understand what all that crap means...

A: There are so many sizing requirements in our form because the sizing matrix verifies each element of the harness system twice, with two different mesurements in the measuring list. This is necessary to verify a size – the chance that measuring is taken in the same wrong way twice is less probable than the chance of doing that once. This is why order forms with empty fields are not accepted.


Q: I would like to choose the color of "transparent sunset", "oriental sunrise", "peach with rainbow tint". I have got a suit (helmet, bag, or purse) of the this color and I would like to have a container of the same color.

A: Unlike suits (helmets, bags, purses), the containers are made of cordura that is edged with a specific strap. The number of colors and edgings available at manufacturers is limited; all the colors available are listed in the order form and hereMoreover, for the materials of the same manufacturer of the same color but of different shipments the color may differ due to specifics in the manufacturing process. Besides, for black and white cordura and edging even the same color may differ in shades (saturation, density, etc.) If color is essential for you, then it is better to contact some other manufacturer.



Q: I have filled the order form (completed with colors) and sent it to you. When will I receive my container?

A: It is rather careless to send us a form (or through online-editor software) and to expect that everything happens on its own. There are a number of supporting procedures to complete so that your container could be successfully manufactured.

First procedure is financial - to put your order in the queue. You have to make a fixed prepayment - 500 USD. This will allow us to avoid a problem that we used to face many times before: ‘Sorry, I have changed my mind’.

Without prepayment the order forms are not considered as orders and do not undergo the process of manufacturing, there will not be any action upon receiving unpaid requests. It is useless to promise to pay later or to ignore invoices – it would not accelerate your order implementation.

The second procedure is of technological nature: having received the order form (or through coloring software) and prepayment, the manufacturing technologist will prepare and send you a form of order confirmation to be employed at the production stage. This will help the both of us to avoid the issues with incorrect orders like ‘I have mistakenly chosen a wide chest strap instead of a narrow one’. Please read the information thoroughly and confirm your order details. In the confirmation form you can see the expected date of your order completion. This date is approximate and not a dead-line for your order.

The third and final procedure is to pay for your order, after the production stage is over you will receive a notification and will have to complete the payment in full amount. Unpaid products are not shipped. This helps us resolve the issues with unpaid (or paid within one-two years) orders.

Please ask any questions regarding orders, state of manufacturing and expected dates through the email to [email protected], we’ll do our best to answer you as soon as possible and provide you with maximum details.

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