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Container Sizing Guide


Dear users of the SWS parachute system, this table is for informational purposes only.Container size is determined by the parachute pack volume, and is calculated on the production individually for each order.


Depending on the types of parachute and parachute equipment operating conditions, these data can vary.


The main parachute can be used:

- 9-cell canopy with ZP fabric;

- 7- cell canopy (as a rule, their pack volume for one size smaller than the same area of section 9);

- cross-braced parachutes typically occupy 15% of the volume (or one size) larger than 9-cell canopies.

The reserve parachute can be used: - 7-cell parachutes with F-111 or lightweight fabric.


Keep in mind, that the climate in which the system will be used, also affects packing volume. In dry climates your canopy packing volume can be a size more, than in humid climates. The company SWS does not ensure compliance with the dimensions in different climatic conditions, please, plan and take into account the peculiarities of their own. Take into account the responses of local skydivers, they will add you to resolve the right choice, and do not forget the features of your drop zone. We can only recommend these dimensions, but perhaps users on the site using the best combinations.


Use common sense, since not all the parachutes will be listed.

Container     size 

      Canopy fit              Reserve canopy

    Main canopy

 00  Tightly  PD R-113, AI Smart 110  SL Mag 100
 Normally  PD Opt 113, PD R-106  SL Od 105
   11  Tightly  PD R-126, AI Smart 120, PD Opt 143, PD R-113 (DOM 1998)  
 Normally  PD R-113, AI Smart 110, PD Opt 126  SL Mag 110, PD Velocity 90
 Free  PD R-106  SL Mag 100
   22   Tightly  PD R-143, Quick 135  SL Od 140, SL Mag 140
 Normally  PD R-126, PD Opt 143  SL Skip 140, SL Mag 120, SL Mag 130, SL Od 120, SL Od 130
 Free  PD R-113  SL Skip 130, SL Od 110
   24   Tightly    
 Normally  PD Opt 143  SL Mag 130, SL Mag 140
 Free  PD Opt 126  
   25   Tightly  PD R-143  
 Normally    SL Mag 150
   33   Tightly    
 Normally  PD R-143  SL Mag 130, SL Mag 140
 Free  PD Opt 143, PD R-126  
   35   Tightly    
 Normally  PD Opt 176  
 Free    SL Mag 130
   44   Tightly    
 Normally  PD R-143, PD Opt 160  SL Skip 150, SL Mag 140, SL Mag 150, IC Saf-149
   55   Tightly  AI Smart 175  
 Normally  PD R-160, AI Smart 160  SL Mag 150
 Free  PD R-143, AI Smart 150, Rush-150  SL Skip 150, IC Saf-149
   57   Tightly    
 Free  AI Smart 150  SL Skip 170
   66   Tightly    
 Normally  PD R-160  SL Mag 160
 Free    SL Mag 150, SL Skip 170, IC Saf-135
   77   Tightly    
 Normally  PD R 176, PD R 193  PD Sabre 170, SL Mag 170
 Free  AI Smart 175, AI Smart 160, rMax-178  SL Skip 170, SL Skip 190, PD Spectre 170
   78   Tightly    
 Normally  PD R 193  SL Mag 190, SL Com 190
 Free  PD R 176  
   88   Tightly  PD R 218  ParaFoil 282
 Normally  PD R 193  SL Com 210
   99   Tightly    
 Normally  PD R 218  SL Com 230
 Free  PD R 193  


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