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Accessories and Spare Parts

Main risers with Swoop-Mod

Made for THE mega-talented swoopers, that can’t fly over 150 meters only because of “old-timer” risers.

Differences with standard risers:

- Changes front risers loops construction, allowing you to grab higher and have more leverage;

- Additional guide ring on the rear riser, allowing smooth operation during risers\toggles transfer;

- For real fans – sewn front and rear risers - to reduce drag.

Warning – installation can be made only with “PD SoftLink for Reserve”, or SWS Soft-links - because of the greater volume of the front riser loop, usual (main) softlinks are not long enough.

To order, specify: length (50,55,60 cm), type of metal (Cad, Blk, SS), color, RSL side (if necessary - right, left), and swoop options (loop over top, additional ring, sewn front and rear risers).



Main PC

Standard sizes for main PC are 725 and 825 mm. Main PC for student operations (and accuracy rigs) is 925 mm.

On special request, we can produce main PC with 625 mm diameter – for very small (sub-100) canopies.

Main PC handle available in such variants: hackey handle (with color choice), hackey-pod (with color choice), tube (black, orange), FF-pod (with color choice and embroidery).



Main PC Bridle Color

For skydivers seeking to distinction we designed an option for main PC bridle color:

  1. The basis of bridle (reinforcement strip): Blk, Red, Yel.
  2. Auxiliary elements (edging strip): Blk, Red, Yel.
  3. Thread color: Blk, Red, Yel.

Main PC Bridle Color 


The SWS company produces one type of softlinks, the same thickness and length - to install Reserve and Main canopies (front riser with swoop loop).

Fasteners - "French-style" - with a ring as a constraint, which is very easy and quick to sew to the riser.



Protective bumper for Main canopy

Designed to protect against damage above risers.

Particularly important for thin HMA lines.




Cheststrap extension

It is necessary, if you do not like the length of the cheststrap, made by the manufacturer.

To order, specify: type of metal (Cad, Blk, SS), the color and width of the webbing.



Legstrap covers

While swooping and landing on your ass, you are sure will smudge legstraps, ruining the look of your rig. To protect legsraps from dirt and damage when landing on them, you can order legstrap covers.

Cover is 35 cm length, can cover legstraps up to 12 cm width, the inside has no seams or border - which softens the suspension friction in the crotch.



Belly strap

Belly strap provides additional fixation for swoopers with completely open cheststrap.

And helзs VRW-gurus to fix rig on the back without harness over tightening.



Carrying bag for the canopies

Designed for skydivers with two canopies, that can be installed in a single harness\container (wingsuiters, Swoopers).

You can fix the main risers in the bag for packing, and then put in the bag completely packed and ready to jump canopy.

When you replace the canopy, you will not have to completely repack the canopy (which, in the case of  full RDS, can be a long process), but simply attach risers of the completely packed canopy to the harness.

Also this bag is suitable for rental or demo canopies. To do this, the bag has a transparent pocket, where you can put a sign indicating the canopy.



Weight belt

It has a fixed load on the back of 2-3 kg, placed in the center of gravity of the falling parachutist. Overall belt weight is 5-6 kg, depending on the size. To order, please specify the size of the waist (the real one).



Breakaway pocket for Main PC

Designing this pocket, we solved the problem typical for this type of pockets - in case the handle pulled by reserve-side AFF instructor, pocket usually opens only on one side. In fact, in the case of steadily falling student PC often remains in place, covered by the pocket and being in the dead-air.

Therefore, in our design - pocket opens from all sides, and after opening completely separates from container, remaining in the hand of the instructor.

Nothing keeps main PC, and even in dead-air, it can get into the flow and begin the process of canopy opening.

Pocket comes as a single element, sewn on the system, which speeds up the conversion of the system. In the pocket you can put a PC up to 1 m. in diameter.

Approximate time to install the pocket - 0,5-1 hours. 




We produce parts for tandem parachute systems: drogues, bridles, dbags and passenger harness, and main risers for tandem canopies.



Tandem passenger harness

Has Sigma-like construction? with variable-length legpads and Y-mod. 



Tandem Main Risers

Tandem risers with 2 toggles - "control" and "landing", without velcro. Landing toggles can be removed, if the canopy has no the second brake-line.



Bag for Tandem

Bag for transporting of a tandem system. It has the increased volume, a padded back, two handles, a small pocket on the front side, and silicone window for lable. The model is made of Cordura. (You can select cordura color and embroidery color).



Special projects

Extensive experience in developing and testing the parachute equipment allows us to perform a full range of tasks in the development of special projects:

- Calculation, selection of materials,

- Preparation of prototypes,

- Tests

- Execution of design documents for production.

For example - the cutaway system to clear the suspended load up to 1000 kg, with loads up to 10G.


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