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Fire actual production terms are

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Authorized as a member of
Parachute Industry Association

Pilot back

Development of our emergency bail parachute system began in 2012. In 2013-2014 we performed testing, including high-speed droptesting, 
tear stress testing, as well as minimum deployment height testing.







Suitable canopies:
- Round emergency parachute C9 (used in a lot of rescue and eject systems in the US)
- ram-air reserves (used in skydiving gear)


Such options are available due to absent maximum age limitations on skydiving canopies. Such limitations are also absent for C9.
Also, C9 has the maximum Max-weight and Max-speed parameters within general purpose round bail systems, and a very low rate of descent. 
Because of this, it is slightly larger than most other modern systems. Photo on the left shows Pilot Back C9, on the right is Mertens.



System weight:
with C9 - 8.65 kg.
with ram-air - 6.25 kg.

Pilot Back C9 (left photo) – 380*530*70 mm.
Pilot Back Square (right photo) – 290*480*25 mm.



Max user weight: 136 kg.
Max deployment speed: 309 km\h.


Minimum deployment altitude (with immediate deployment with TAS greater than 140 km\h)
Pilot Back C9 – 50 m.
Pilot Back Square – 100 m.

Descent rate:

Pilot Back C9 – 5 m\s
Pilot Back Square – 3,5 m\s (short period flare – to 0 m\s)

Harness system is adjustable in height.





Harness, container and edging coloring 
Legstraps with carbines 
Gear bag


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