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Pilot Back C9

Emergency Parachute System Pilot Back C9

Parachute system Pilot Back C9 is designed to rescue crew members of airplanes and helicopters after emergency escape.


The canopy is a round emergency parachute C9 (used in a lot of emergency and eject systems in the US).


The canopy is modified with 4-line release mode that enables steerability after toggles release.


The harness is similar to the soviet-style harness systems. This allows replacing the outdated parachute equipment without retraining the stuff.


Metal hardware of harness is identical to the soviet-style hardware that facilitates maintenance. AAD - mechanical

Type of parachute

Round, steerable after toggles release

Parachute surface area

55 sq.m

Number of lines


Lines fabric

PIA-C-5040 nylon, strength 181 kg


380*530*70 mm

Overall weight of the system

9,75 kg


MIL-W-4088 Type 7, strength 2700 kg

Range of adjustment

From: height 150 cm, weight 50 kg

To: height 210 cm, weight 135 kg

Maximum take-off weight

136 kg

Maximum speed of deployment

400 km/h

Deployment options

- Manual opening;

- Mechanical AAD

Minimum drop altitude

70 m

Maximum descent rate

In case of maximum weight 136 kg – 6,7 m/s

Repack interval

6 months

Service life

15 years


12 months for manufacturing defect

Warranty does not cover ordinary wear, mechanic damage and defects resulted from improper operation and/or storage.

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