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Pilot Back Square

Emergency Parachute System Pilot Back Square

In some circumstances non-integrated emergency parachute placing is impossible and constant wearing of parachute system is required in limited space of aircraft. Emergency parachute system Pilot Back Square is essential in such cases.


Ram-air reserve used in skydiving and tactical gear is installed as the emergency parachute. Du to this the thickness of the container does not exceed 2,5 cm.


Parachute, surface area

250 sq.f


290*480*25 mm

Overall weight of the system

8,25 kg


MIL-W-4088 Type 7, strenght2700 kg

Range of adjustment

From: height 150 cm, weight 50 kg

To: height 210 cm, weight 135 kg

Maximum takeoff weight

136 kg

Maximum speed of deployment

309 km/h

Deployment options

- Manual opening;

- Mechanical AAD

Minimum drop altitude

100 m

Horizontal speed

5-8 m/s

Descent rate

3-4 m/s, short moment – up to 0 m/s

Repack interval

6 months

Service life

15 years


12 months for manufacturing defect

Warranty does not cover ordinary wear, mechanic damage and defects resulted from improper operation and/or storage.

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