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The recent stereotype says that modern BASE-jumper needs 2 systems to perform bright and diverse jumps – one of them should contain Atair Trango and «thin» container (for cool performance in mountains - «there is no proximity without Trango»…), and the other – an ordinary BASE canopy and «thick» container (because you can’t squeeze  the ordinary vented canopy with Dacron lines into Razor).

But – not everyone wants to jump with Trango (I personally do not like the way it opens), not everyone wants to buy 2 systems. So the main idea at Edge 2 Container designing was to develop a container to accommodate an ordinary canopy with thickness of a low-volume container. ‘Thin’ container is good for cool performance in mountains, and an ordinary BASE canopy will allow to perform non-terminal jumps and to have pleasant openings at terminal jumps.

This is the result of our work for that:






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