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Harness system calculation from waist

In classic structures the harness system is calculated from top to bottom along the back, from the collarbone + yoke + container.

This causes a following issue: in some cases (a small container for a tall body) the container sits on the shoulders, and the consequences are as follows: it is hard to reach the PC, the lateral strap presses against the ribs. In other cases (a big container for a short body) the container is hang over the buttocks, so it is not easy to reach the PC, to bend, etc. This method is applied because it allows using the same size for the Yoke of the container and, consequently, the hoses and cables of the same standard.

This is why at the designing stage we have chosen the approach ‘up from the waist’. What is it? Out harness system is designed ‘up from the waist’ – the correct position of the container on the back serves as the basic (precisely – the bottom of the container) in terms of correct load distribution, ergonomics and comfortable deployment.

Due to that the container will always sit on the same place of any figure which is above the waist. The back of the container is calculated from this point, after that the length of yoke is added  providing that for a specific body and for a specific container size the Three rings would be placed correctly – on the collarbone.

After that the necessary MLW is constructed (the main load-bearing tape).

Thanks to that we can get precise correlation of size markers: container’s bottom and waist, three rings and collarbone – actually for any figure and any container.

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