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Semi-exposed Pilot Chute of Reserve


In the structure of the deployment bag of the Reserve «semi pop-top» principal – semi-explosive pilot chute of the reserve - was applied. For this construction the Reserve pilot chute is placed at two side flaps that separate the pilot chute from the Reserve and provide the guaranteed and easy pilot chute start at reserve opening.

Main advantages of the structure:

The pilot chute is covered with only two flaps (and not with 4 as the standard structure would require) thus at opening the pilot chute will catch the air stream faster. 

The structure is more resistible to rigging mistakes, as the number of flaps covering the pilot chute was reduced, and there are no launch pads for the pilot chute that would cover the deployment bag.

The rigging mistakes (incorrect placement of the reserve in the deployment bag, incorrect length of the loop) are not covered by the flaps and easy to detect at visual inspection.

The constant length of the closing loop that remains after AAD triggering and only 2 flaps that should disperse to let the pilot chute release can guarantee stable and reliable opening of reserve chute deployment bag by AAD in case a skydiver is not able to do that on his own.


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