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Pilot Chutes of Main


We manufacture two types of the Pilot chutes

  • Pilot chutes of diameter of 725 or 825 mm made of ZP (zero air permeability) are used for general purposes.
  • Pilot chutes in diameter of 825 and 925 mm made of ZP or F-111 (reduced air permeability) are used when stronger drag is needed: for wingsuiters, for swoopers who open under the tail of the aircraft in subterminal speed, and for skydivers who use large and heavy canopies like students or accuracy jumpers.

By a special request we manufacture the pilot chutes of these and other sizes with the netting of higher permeability (High Drag Netting). The netting allows accelerate the air-inflation process and to slightly increase the drawing force at equal conditions. This may be essential if a canopy manufacturer requires Pilot chutes of non-standard small size.

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