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Main Risers


The risers of the Main are to connect the harness system to a canopy and provide the opportunity to disconnect it, if necessary. 


For the risers manufacturing SWS Company uses the tape of the Type 17 MIL-W-4088, strength 1134 kg, width 2,5 cm, that has proved to be perfect within 20 years history of employment in harsh conditions of modern parachute sport, for student systems we use Type 8 Mil-Spec MIL-W-4088, strength – 1814 kg.

All SWS risers are equipped with an Antitwist system. The system consists of a metal housing (identical to yellow cutaway cable housings) installed in channels on the risers. Antitwist helps to make cutaway possible even during heavy linetwist by preventing cutaway cables getting stuck inside the twist.


For Accuracy and Student canopies, that have thick dacron lines, we recomend to use wide risers. On narrow risers there is no place to put the slack of steering line from dacron. 


The three rings structure is manufactured in strict compliance with the instruction “3-ring Riser Construction Manual” (”Instruction on the three rings construction manufacturing”), issued by Relative Workshop Company (now UPT) – the developer of the structure of cutaway system.


Up to the instruction, the space between the top of the riser and the closing ring should be equal to 100 mm. For risers with pins the space is 110 mm to compensate the smaller size of the nozzle of toggle. 

Standard risers’ length is 500 mm. We have 550 and 600 mm risers for tall jumpers with long arms. 

Toggles are made of Support tape Type IV MIL-T-5038 with strength of 285 kg; 

to set brakes a metal pin is employed. The pin employment for brake settings provides the following advantages:

 - To reduce (actually to exclude totally) the chances of unclosing/knocking out the toggle by the slider during opening;

 - To ease slider pulling over the head;

 - To reduce breaking lines deterioration due to lower friction.


Warning! With all its’ advantages the structure has its’ own feature – there is a probability of toggles throwing through into the guide ring of a riser which may lead to the Main chute failure. This is possible in case if the toggles were left unset at packing.


Swoop-Mode Risers

Made for real swoopers who cannot swoop over the earth for more than 200 meters only because of their old uncool risers.

Differences from standard risers: 

- modified structure of swoop loops on the front risers that allows taking a grip higher to have more power;

- additional guide ring on the back risers that helps to smooth the toggles work while switching from the back  risers to the toggles;

- for true fans – front and rear risers sewed along – to reduce resistance.

Warning! To install a canopy on these risers is possible only with SoftLinks for Reserve by PD or with softlinks made by SWS because of bigger volume of the front risers (2 tapes, not 1) the standard softlinks length is insufficient.




Risers for CRW

Risers for CRW have the following elements:
- Big-grab toggles (contain a plastic part allowing the toggle to keep an open shape, thus making it easy to grab) with velcro straps.
- "blocks" on front risers instead of loops - for dives.



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