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SRC+line protector


Our structure of shoulder folds allowed us to actually solve the issue with premature openings of shoulder flaps. But the risk of this cannot be excluded as riggers’ mistakes or collision at dropp off and within free-fall cannot be excluded too. 

This is why we have introduced into the structure of the container an additional element which is SRC (additional) flaps to cover the risers. These flaps cover the risers of the Main chute to guarantee that even with the opened shoulder flaps the risers would not drop out into the air-stream which may cause various failures and injuries. 

The side effect of it is facilitation for rigging as the risers are firmly fixed within stowing process.



The second part of SRC is the additional elements called line protectors that are to prevent hooking of the risers of the Main chute or its’ lines over the container of the Reserve chute which may cause the Main failures or damage to the container.

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