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Fire actual production terms are

SWS Demo-tours 2020

Authorized as a member of
Parachute Industry Association

Edging and reinforcement



Type III, 1\2”, MIL-T-5038, width 12,7 mm, strength 114 kg.
Purpose: reinforcement for Main and Reserve Pilot Chutes. 



Type III, 3\4”, MIL-T-5038, width 19 mm, strength 190 kg.
Purpose: edging of the details of the container.


Type III, 1”, MIL-T-5038, width 25 mm, strength 238 kg.
Purpose: bridle of the Main Pilot chute, deployment bags enforcement. 


Support Type IV,  5\8”, MIL-T-5038, width 14,3 mm, strength 285 kg.
Purpose: toggles of the Main.



Support tape Type IV, 1”, MIL-T-5038, width 25 mm, strength 455 kg.
Purpose: protective insets to prevent the straps damage caused by metal parts of the harness system, Reserve toggles.


Tape 2” Bridle Cord Material, width 50 mm, strength 795 kg. 

Purpose: Reserve bridle.


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