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Fire actual production terms are

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Additional materials

Plastic stiffened parts

Earlier for the stiffened parts of the container the manufacturers used lots of varieties of plastic: Lexan, polyethylene of high density and others. Now the basic material of American manufacturers is Nylon MDS – it is a plate-type nylon which due to additives of molybdenum disulfide is more resistible to wear-and-tear. We use this material because it provides long durability.


Foam insets

We use high quality material ‘with memory’ for the foam insets. This helps turn them into a body shape within employment of the equipment, which anatomically facilitates the adjustment of the container on a body.


Shock Cord

Elastic cord in nylon braiding with diameter of 3,2 mm. Employed at safety stow manufacturing that closes the Reserve deployment bag. The same cord in black braiding is used to hold the leg straps in place.


Cotton Elastic

Elastic cotton strap with width of 2,5 cm. Used for elastics that fix the ends of the straps of the harness system after adjustment. Certificate MIL-W-5664.


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