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Metal parts


Various types of metal parts employed at manufacturing

There are three methods of coating for the metal parts at the manufacturing of parachute systems: Cad (cadmium, ordinary), Black (stainless steel blued to make it black), SS (slick and shining stainless steel).

Only the metal parts certified for military employment are used for the manufacturing (Mil-Spec) which can be checked by the first letters of the code (MS or PS), except for those that are used for the buckles of «narrow» chest straps and SS leg straps.

Narrow chest straps and stainless leg straps were implemented after manufacturers of metal parts had concluded the cycle of certification; this is why there are only factory requirements of strength applied. Due to some bureaucracy employment of these parts at the manufacturing of equipment for American military is not permitted though the factory properties of strength allow its civil use.

Three rings 

There are 2 types of the Three rings – mini (for narrow risers) and Big (for wide risers). With the identical strength of 1130 kg they differ in size and appearance.

Nowadays the most common is Mini Rings, the rings of standard size are employed for some student systems and systems for special purpose.



Buckles chest strap 

The wide buckle of the chest strap: type PS70101-1, strength 225 kg.

The narrow buckle of the chest strap, strength 225 kg.

Both buckles of the chest strap – the wide and the narrow – are of identical strength, which is lower (kg) than the strength of the straps of the harness system,  that are used for manufacturing of the chest strap (1134 kg for Type 17 «narrow chest strap» and 1814 kg for Type 8 «wide chest strap»).

This is why in terms of strength the narrow and the wide strap are identical. Whether you choose wide strap or narrow strap, it is the choice of comfort and/or aesthetics.



Buckles and carbines for leg straps

Carbines or buckles may be used for the leg straps.

The buckles also may vary in types: there are a classic structure (Cad and Black), flip-flop (for stainless buckles), buckles with torsion spring (for stainless buckles).

The buckle of the leg straps of classic structure: type PS22040-(1-2), strength 1130 kg.


Flip-flop stainless buckles of the leg straps, strength 1130 kg.



In some cases (previous injuries, heavy weight) carbines for the leg straps prove to be more comfortable than ordinary buckles.

There are carbines with Cad and Black coating, types PS22044-(1-2) and PS27765-(1-2), strength 1130 kg.


Warning: stainless carbines do not exist, remember that when ordering.




Three types of pins are used at manufacturing: curved (are installed to the bridle to close the container of the Main)

straight pins (are installed on the toggles of the Main to close the toggles) 

straight long pins (are installed on DRD trigger)


RSL Handles

There are 2 types of carbines for RSL handles – bronze and stainless.



Stainless grommets of standard and stretched length are employed at manufacturing (to be installed on the flaps of the container where the grommets are under higher stress) 

and brass grommets with nickel coating (to be installed on the bags of the Main and the Reserve chutes)


Flexible hoses 

For the guiding cords of the Reserve handle and for the cutaway cables handle we use flexible hoses made by Metal Flex, the supplier of UPT and Sun Path.

The hoses are fixed on the harness system with clips  


that are pressed out with specialized clamp


Cutaway system of Main

For cutaway cables the aviation steel cable of the width of 1,6 mm, coated with yellow coating of lolon-F (special type of nylon), is used.

At the point of bending (inside the cutaway handle) the cables are curved and fixed by oval sleeve

pressed out with Sleeve Pressing Tool


Closing system of main container for SL jumps and jumps with ripcord

For SL jumps main container closed with flexible pin of aviation steel coated with black coating. Ripcord also made from this type of cable. At the point of bending the cable is curved and fixed by oval sleeve, pressed out with Sleeve Pressing Tool.


Closing system of main tandem container 

Main tandem container closed with flexible pin of aviation steel coated with clear coating. At the point of bending the cable is curved and fixed by large oval sleeve, pressed out with Sleeve Pressing Tool.


System of Reserve opening

For the ring (or a pad) manufacturing we employ the work piece made as a pin pressed on the ripcord, made by Capewell (world leader in spare parts manufacturing).

Then we equip it with a ring or assemble it into the Handle of the Reserve with a deadeye made with Nicopress sleeve

onto a cable pressed out by the Sleeve Pressing Tool 

All finished products are tested with force of 300 kilogram force application (TSO C-23D standard requires - 270 kilogram force (600 pounds)).



We use the deadeye and not a standard circled terminator as a specialized rotor press is needed for high-quality pressing: and homemade pressing cannot guarantee the strength and durability of joints.  

Edge line made with deadeye can guarantee the strength of the joint equal to the strength of a steel cable for the entire lifetime of the equipment.


Spring of Reserve PC

As a load-bearing spring MA-1 spring is employed – American life-saving systems are equipped with these springs. The same springs are employed by Sun Path Company for Javelin and Javelin Odyssey containers. These springs are released in very large lots, and highly strict parameters of testing and tolerance are applied, which can guarantee long lifetime and preservation of the set parameters of the spring within the entire period of the container employment . 

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