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Straps of Harness system


During the harness system  manufacturing SWS Company used only straps certified for military application (Mil-Spec):


Type 7, 1 23\32”, MIL-W-4088, width 43 mm, strength 2715 kg.
Purpose: the main strap of the harness system – the basic load-bearing strap, the risers of the Reserve chute, the leg straps.


Type 8, 1 23\32”, MIL-W-4088, width 43 mm, strength 1814 kg.
Purpose: duplicating and auxiliary straps of the harness system – shoulder and lateral strap, auxiliary strap of the leg straps.


Type 17, 1”, MIL-W-4088, width 25 mm, strength 1134 kg.
Purpose: «narrow» risers, «narrow» chest strap rap.



Type 4, 3”, MIL-W-4088, width 76 mm, strength 816 kg.
Purpose: wrapping reinforcement of the Three rings.


Type 12, 1 23\32”, MIL-W-4088, width 43 mm, strength 544 kg.
Purpose: reinforcing and abrasive insets to prevent straps damage caused by metal parts of harness system.

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