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Employment and Service


Equipment adjustment


1. Put on the system over your shoulders holding it on your elbows; insert your feet through the leg straps. Make sure they are not twisted.




2. Lift the container up to put it on your shoulders.



3. Tuck the chest strap into the buckle; make sure that it’s not twisted. Tighten the chest strap so that it could fit to your body tight but do not overtight (the Three rings covers should be placed vertically and should not meet in the centre on the chest strap). After tightening tuck in the loose end of the chest strap under the elastic holder.



4. Tighten your leg straps (simultaneously or one by one) until they fit to the legs tightly, with the same tightness for the left and the right strap. Unequal tightening of the leg straps may seriously affect the Main Chute behavior in the air and its’ opening. Pull the loose ends of the leg straps under the elastic holders and hide them inside the straps. Remember that the leg straps should not be placed over each other after tightening.



5. If the leg straps’ tightening seems ineffective rotate the leg strap on your leg backwards by holding the back side of the leg strap with one hand and the front side – with the other hand. The buckle should move backwards. This adjustment of the leg straps will allow you to take ‘sitting’ position in the harness system after opening. Probably, after this procedure is completed, you will have to tighten the leg straps once more.



6. The harness is put on and tightened properly.

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