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Fire actual production terms are

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Fire System Employment

Learning about Fire Parachute system


Before performing the parachute jumps with Fire system please undergo the additional training for Fire System Usage. The training must cover both work for standard usage and work for emergency procedures. The training should be performed with using the same or equal equipment.

The pocket of the Main PC is located on the bottom flap of the container of the Main chute. If the Pilot chute was placed correctly in the pocket its’ handle is located outside the pocket and is accessible. Train to locate the handle and to release the Pilot Chute. This must be performed under instructor’s control so that he could teach you all the necessary techniques.

Do not ignore training in the harness system as only with the system put on you can correctly locate the handles of Cutaway and Reserve after the opening.


Inspection before jump


Thoroughly inspect your system before jumps. Many incidents and accidents could be prevented if thorough inspections were performed or special attention was paid to the results of inspection and timely elimination of potentially dangerous details.   

To provide secure inspection it is recommended to follow the pattern ‘front, downwards, back, downwards’.

Front inspection of a parachute system


Switched on, correct mode is set

Three rings

Correct assembling, closing loops are not damaged; the yellow cables are not damaged, freely move in the closing loops, the end of the cable is hidden in safety channel  

RSL (if applicable)

Connected correctly

Chest strap  

The strap and the buckle are not damaged, the elastic holder is in proper state

Cutaway and Reserve Hoses  

Are not damaged, attached to the harness system

Reserve Handle and Cutaway Handle


Fixed in the pockets of the harness system, textile buckle is in proper state.

Buckles that regulate the size of the harness (if applicable)

Tightened at the same level

Leg straps

Tapes, carbines, and buckles are not damaged, elastic holders are in proper state  



Back inspection of a parachute system

Reserve chute container

Closed correctly, the closing pin is in proper state, the closing loop is in proper state, the stamp is on place, ripcord is not damaged, RSL (if applicable) is connected.  

Pincover Flap of the Reserve

The Pincover flap of the Reserve is covered correctly and fixed.

Main Chute Risers

Are not twisted

Main Chute container

Closed correctly, the closing pin is in its’ normal position, is not damaged and freely moves in the loop, the marking that ‘the pilot chute is uncollapsed’ can be observed through the window

Pincover Flap of the Main Chute

The pincover Flap of the Main Chute is closed  correctly

Pilot Chute of the Main

Packed correctly, the handle is on its’ place  




It is crucial to make sure before performing each and every jump that the period for the Reserve rigging is not expired. It may be checked by a label of the Reserve Handle (or if it is a pad – on the left hose of cutaway) and in the passport of the parachute system.

Performing jumps with expired Reserve Chute rigging period is not allowed!!!




Main Chute opening


Having obtained the stable horizontal position ‘belly down’, grip the handle of the Main PC, pull out the Main PC from the pocket and throw it into the air-stream by fully straightening your hand.

            Attention! If you use the handle of FF Pod, your first move will be ‘towards the pocket’, then pull out the stiffness from the bottom of the side flap.

Throwing out the PC is maintained only after you have straighten your hand fully (to prevent PC dropping into shading behind the jumper's body), the PC should be thrown out in one integral move without holding it after it is released from the pocket.

This is crucial to prevent tangling of the PC with the bridle and to avoid the Main pin blowing out and disordered opening.

After the Main Chute is opened please pop the toggles with outwards movement.

If the Main cutaway is needed:

Grip the Cutaway Handle with your right hand, put your left hand over the right, and rotate the Cutaway handle to tear out the textile buckle, pull it down and out along the hose by straightening your hand fully. ‘Break through’ the cable after pulling it out with your left hand.

It is highly important to execute strong cutaway handle grip – hold it with your fingers tight.

Inability to execute these actions may cause handle dropping off out of your hand in the moment of the movement’s start.

Also it is highly important to ‘break through’ the yellow cables – as the length of the initial pull may be insufficient to release the left riser. 


Reserve Chute Opening


To open the Reserve Chute you have to grip the Reserve handle (pad or ring), rotate it to tear the textile buckle and pull it out with downward and outward movement, along the hose, with your hand fully straightened.  

It is a matter of high importance to maintain strong handle grip.

If the Reserve ring is employed you have to insert your thumb into it and grip it tightly with the whole hand. If the Reserve pad is employed you have to grip it tight with your fingers. 

Failure to execute these actions may cause handle dropping off out of your hand in the moment of the movement’s start.

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