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Fire actual production terms are

SWS Demo-tours 2020

Authorized as a member of
Parachute Industry Association

Color change

You can order a custom color scheme for your rig. You have 2 options: choosing a color for whole parts and choosing edging color for standalone parts.


Changing a color for whole parts

Whole parts - are rig parts that are made from a single solid piece of material, or are made in pairs and have the same color. E.g. main container, reserve container, side ribs, 3-ring covers, handle pockets, legstraps etc... You have an option to pick color using the manufacturers scheme. The price is 50 USD per part. 

Changing binding tape color for standalone parts

By default, binding color on all parts is the same, picked by the manufacturer. If you want a custom picked color for binding, you can choose this option. Price is 50 USD per standalone part. 
Examples of custom coloring schemes for Fire.  




Contrast stitching

When thread color is different from the color of binding tape and details of cpntainer. Price is 50 USD.

! Please indicate "Contrast stitching" in the special instructions feild of the order form when ordering this option!

Decorative Stitching

If you'd like to get a unique rig, we offer you a design option - decorative stitching on the container details. Price is 50 USD.

! Please indicate "Decorative stitching" in the special instructions feild of the order form when ordering this option!

There are 3 types of decorative stitching available:

1. Zigzag


2. Large checks - cell size 50*50 mm


3. Small checks - cell size 32*32 mm

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