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Fire actual production terms are

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Sizing Options


The Harness System :


Every Fire\Edge2\Blade container is manufactured and adjusted individually for every individual client. This is why it is highly important to have your precise dimensions to calculate the harness system precisely.

For measuring please use the clothes and shoes that you are going to use for jumps, and strictly observe the guidelines of The measuring instructions.

If you perform jumps wear round please do not provide any allowances to measuments. Please measure yourself dressed in usual jumping clothes and in the options of the harness please choose the option ‘loose’ (if you measure yourself in summer suit but you would like to have some reserve) or ‘tight’ (if you measure yourself in winter suit and you would like to avoid looseness of the system in summer).



Containers :


SWS Company has no size chart in its’ classic way, and the reasons were described above, which are: Computer-based Calculation and Modeling and Flexible size chart. Due to our system of calculation and design we can select the most appropriate container for any size of canopy.

There are 3 options in the form to adjust the compactness of stowing: standard stowing  (standard compactness of stowing, in the judgment of an average rigger), loose stowing (reduced volume of a canopy approximately by 1 size (less for 10 feet), tight stowing (enlarged size of a canopy, approximately bigger by 1 size).

Due to our structure of the container of the Main you can safely enlarge or reduce the size of the Main chute by 1, in some cases even by 2. 

But you have to keep in mind that the installation of a much smaller canopy than the one of appropriate size would not provide the required tension on the flaps and would not tighten enough the closing loop, which may cause a premature deployment.

You also should keep in mind that at stowing the canopies of bigger size may stretch and deform the fabric, and it will never shrink to the same initial size.

This is why you should specify the size of your canopies as precisely as possible. If you are planning to downsize please inform us. Please specify the compactness of stowing so that we could calculate the appropriate size for now and in perspective.

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