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Fire actual production terms are

SWS Demo-tours 2020

Authorized as a member of
Parachute Industry Association

Additional options


Hook-knife (Plastic/Metal)

Metal or plastic hook-knife is available to be installed to a pocket under the left ring cover flap.



Main Spare Parts Set

Risers, deployment bag, bridle, Main PC. This set can be useful if you are planning to jump two canopies for the same container. For instance in a system with high-performance canopy can be installed an extra 7 –cell canopy for wingsuiting.



Spare Parts Kit for Reserve

Deployment bag, bridle, Reserve PC, cutaway handle, reserve handle. The set may be found useful if you have lost the originals during cutaway.





Assembling at the Factory

In order to save your time while you are waiting your new system we offer you an option of assembly, inspection and packing at the factory. Our experts can pack your system in perfect and beautiful way as soon as it is ready from production. You will receive the system already packed and ready for jumping.

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