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Anchor Detail


The anchor detail serves as a base for the closing loop and as spot to place the cutter of AAD cutter.


An prolonged plate of sophisticated shape with two grommets is used as an anchor.


The prolonged plate with 2 side ribs that provide stiffness of the plate and protect from deformation allows to make a groove along the vertical axe of the back, which provides even better ventilation and forms a protected spot to place the control panel of AAD to guarantee its’ long-term functioning.



The closing system with two grommets allows reduce the load on the anchor detail that may arise at rigging due to the specified block usage.



The knot of the closing loop is covered by a flap to protect it from lines/risers hooking at the moment of chute opening. To provide better comfort the flap is made of a rubber ribbon. 

The cutter of the AAD is also covered by the flap that protects lines and risers from hooking. To provide high strength and to prevent the AAD cartridge hooking the flap is made of parapack.

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