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Preparation and installation of grommets


A few incidents were registered in late 90's when thin lines were getting under the grommets of the flaps on the container. This happened because the raw technology of steel grommets installation could not provide the stable quality of installation. The top part of the grommet was unfolding flat, ‘into a sheet’, and after some time the edges folded. The second part of the problem was caused by the grommets installation by hand tools. As a result the grommet could often be installed non-perpendicularly into the material, and after some time loosen up. After that the grommet went apart from the material, so a line could get under its top part to be stuck there.

We have done a serious research to develop our unique technology for grommets installation. The first stage was the development of a working section that could not only flatten the cup of grommet but to wrap it into a collar. The collar will not be getting loose with the time and has no prominent edges that could damage the closing loop.



The second stage was the installation of the working section into a hydraulic mechanism. This could guarantee that the working part was placed exactly perpendicular to the material surface so that the degree of force that was needed for the grommets installation could be measured precisely not to over- or under-press it.



The essential moment is how to prepare the hole for the grommets. The ordinary technology is to make the holes with a punch. This is accompanied with the following problems: the punch after some time of employment is becoming blunt and thus damages the material, and as the punch has a cone-like shape the hole in the material may be cone-like shape as well, and the hole of the surface has wider diameter and roughly damaged edges. This is why we use a special device to drill the holes: the hole thus is precisely cylindrical and of precise diameter, and due to friction the edges are accurately weld up.


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