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Computer calculation and modeling

In the beginning of our container design process we decided to develop a technology that would allow us manufacture containers that would be equal in proportions for any size and for any canopy. This is especially crucial in conditions of modern trend to manufacture very small and very tight containers, where at size reduction the area that is non-overlapped with the flaps may dangerously shrink too, which may cause major troubles at opening.

In order to do that we have studied  more than 100 various containers of various manufacturers and various sizes to come up with a kind of ‘golden section’ – these proportions are actually the same for all containers, from so called pocket rockets for 100/100 canopies to tandem systems for the canopies of  400/400.

Then, by analyzing the charts of sizes of various canopies made by various manufacturers, we’ve come up with a formula of recalculation. Knowing the size of a canopy that our container is designed for, we cam apply the formula and calculate the stowing volume required.

Then, knowing the required stowing volumes for Main and Reserve chutes, we can apply the ‘golden proportions’ to calculate the complete set of dimensions for a specified container – the length, the width and the height of the container as a whole and with the Main and Reserve chutes in particular.  These dimensions will serve as basics for calculation of size of all the flaps and stiffened parts. Due to that all the containers are identical in terms of proportions and appearance, with the same non-overlapped area of the Reserve.


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