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Force Tandem

Force Tandem

Force Tandem is designed to be used in different special tasks, such as delivery of specialists without parachute skills (doctors, sappers, snipers) and cargo up to 125 kg to a certain spot.


Force Tandem has a freefall stabilization system (drogue) with manual or static line deployment.

Landing can be performed on equipped airfields and on limited spots.


The maximum airdrop speed is not limited if main opened with delay sufficient for deceleration to 370 km/h (3-5 seconds).


High-altitude airdrop can be carried out from the altitudes up to top service ceiling (using oxygen equipment).


Force Tandem parachute system has: fittings for a passenger/cargo container, loops for attachments, removable pockets and retractions designed to protect parachute from getting caught in the equipment, and to place the oxygen equipment. By special request leg pads can be made with larger width (for a parachute opening at high altitude and long-distance flights), and may have additional pockets to accommodate small cargo.


Harness System Force Tandem has up to 8 points to attach the cargo:

- Basic (in the chest area for a standard freight container or link);

- Upper (in three-ring area for passenger or long loads);

- Bottom (near the laterals, cargo container is placed under the buttocks)

- Side of the container (in the lower part of the rig, to connect passenger or standard/long cargo).


All Force Tandem systems have RSL or DRD systems, to improve the safety of parachutists with a large number of attachments.

AAD control panel is placed on the outside of the container – to help AAD operation in a limited space. Reserve pincover flap has a transparent window to control the position of pin without having to open the flap.


Main parachute, surface square

370-450 sq.f

Reserve parachute, surface square

370-450 sq.f

Horizontal speed

10-12 m/s

Descent rate

5-6 m/s, short moment – up to 0 m/s


MIL-W-4088 Type 7, strength 2700 kg

Overall weight of the system

24,5 kg

Adjustment range for instructor and passenger

From: height 150 cm, weight 50 kg

To: height 210 cm, weight 135 kg

Maximum take-off weight

250 kg

Maximum speed of deployment

370 km/h

Drop speed in case of manual PC activation

0-400 km/h

Options for main parachute opening

- drogue deployment by static line with main release manual;

- manual deployment of drogue and main parachute;

- static line with direct-bag

Minimum drop altitude

1500 m

AAD for the reserve

Electronic AAD units

Repack interval for main/reserve parachutes

6 months

Maximum surface wind velocity

12 m/s

Service life

15 years, number of jumps unlimited upon condition of technical inspection


12 months for manufacturing defect

Warranty does not cover ordinary wear, mechanic damage and defects resulted from improper operation and/or storage.

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