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Fire actual production terms are

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Fire Cutaway

Usually, on most DZ’s, an old expired harness is used as a trainer for students. But it not always fits students body dimensions and makes already strained exercises also uncomfortable. 

We produce cutaway harness which looks and feels like a real student rig used at the dropzone.





The result is a system with these features:
- Wide main risers with toggles on thick elastic shock cord (the tension can be regulated);
- Microline 3-ring loop for durability;
- RSL carbine;
- Cutaway handle with metal housings;
- Reserve metal handle on elastic band;
- MLW, laterals and leg straps are adjustable;
- Leg straps with carbines;
- Container is Fire Tunnel like;
- PC pocket with PC.







This will allow the student to work comfortably during exercises and gain the necessary reflexes.

Cutaway Waistcoat
Cutaway waistcoat will allow the skydiver to work fast and comfortably during exercises and gain the necessary skills.
The item has cutaway and reserve handles on elastic bands.

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