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Cargo Parachute System PGS-1000

SkyWideSystems Company in partnership with MAININDUSTRY LTD (Great Britain) have designed a new cargo parachute system (PGS) to supply cargo up to 1000 kg.

The technicians of MAININDUSTRY LTD and SWS learned the advanced experience of designing cargo parachute systems in USA, South Korea, Spain and other countries. The experience of designing and operating PGS in USSR has been learned deeply as well.

As the result we decided to use the materials and parts manufactured by Performance Textiles, USA.

Cargo parachute systems are designed to supply humanitarian aids to the people suffering from natural disasters to the areas where land transportation is impossible or obstructed.

Cargo parachute systems PGS-1000 can be dropped from a variety of aircrafts.

Today we work upon research and development of cargo parachute system to deliver cargo up to 500 kg and remotely-operated cargo parachute systems.

PGS-1000 cargo parachute system is designed for the cargo supply by dropping from cargo aircrafts.

Deployment of pilot chute is carried out by static line. Pilot chute opens container of the cargo parachute and ensures its inflating.



Description of Parts

1 – Pilot chute packed into PC deployment bag;
2 – Pilot chute bridle;
3 – Cargo parachute packed into cargo parachute deployment bag;
4 – Mounting strap;
5 – Risers with connector link;
6 – Harness;
7 – Fastening system;
8 – Plywood/paper honeycomb platform;
9 – PC static line hook;
10 – Cargo



Cargo parachute

Round, non-steerable parachute with extended skirt and slider. Surface area - 110 sq.m

Pilot chute surface area

1 sq.m


36 lines made out of Dacron 600

Overall weight of the system

20 kg

Flight weight

300-1000 kg

Dimensions including cargo

1450*1200*1200 mm

Drop speed

200-350 km/h

Drop altitude

150-1500 m

Descent rate

Not more than 11 m/s (for the flight weight up to 900kg)

Maximum surface wind velocity

7 m/s

Repack interval

6 months

Service life

15 years, 10 deployments


12 months for manufacturing defects.

Warranty does not cover ordinary wear, mechanic damage and defects resulted from improper operation and/or storage.





Functional Description

After platform breaks away from aircraft carrier, pilot chute comes out from PC deployment bag, inflates and initializes cargo parachute deployment.

Bridle moves out at full length, releases the tightening strap and pulls the deployment bag up. Risers, lines and cargo canopy come out from deployment bag.

After leaving the deployment bag cargo parachute deploys overcoming the resistance of slider. Fully inflated cargo parachute system descends at vertical speed in accordance with table above.

Paper honeycomb reduces impact at touchdown partially absorbing kinetic energy.

On technical issues please contact +38067 210 0044 or [email protected] , SWS.

To purchase contact +38097 394 0101, Alexandr Kharchenko, MAININDUSTRY LTD


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