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Assembly, inspection, rigging

The Reserve Chute is not just an item out of a catalogue – it means a lot for any skydiver. This is our last chance in the sky. When something went wrong, even everything works against us – we ALWAYS still have a chance.

Reserve packjob by riggers of SkyWideSystems includes: complete preliminary inspection, checkups of presence of all the bulletins and modifications recommended by the manufacturers, and preventive protective maintenance or current repairs. And, of course, the packing is performed in accordance with all manufacturer instructions.

To implement all these activities including ventilation and drying we need 2 working days. In some cases you can arrange with the rigger to rig the system faster.


1. Reserve Chute + container, inspection and rigging.

This is the basic and the most frequent procedure at SkyWideSystems Company. As there are no strict regulations for the Reserve re-packing in Ukraine, we follow the rules set for Great Britain (the country that is similar to our country in terms of atmosphere conditions and the length of jumping season) – 6 months.

You should remember that some dropzones may follow some other recommendations including 3-4-months period for Reserve rigging. Please inform us of the place you are going to skydive and we will do our best to provide you with help and consulting.

Within inspection and rigging at SkyWideSystems the presense of all the modifications recommended by manufacturer is checked up in a mandatory manner.

The next repack cycle date will be marked (assuming 6 months) on a label on your reserve handle, the rigging date will be specified in the passport of your parachute system.

Price for the above-mentioned services - 40 USD.


2. Rescue System repack.

Price for the above-mentioned works - 30 USD


3. Reserve and/or Main chute installment in the container.

The installment of the Reserve/Main chute might be necessary if you assemble a new system or if you are switching the chutes into another container.

You should always keep in mind the size of your chutes and the container: the canopies cannot be bigger than the size recommended by a manufacturer. The size of the container cannot be modified!

The assembly will be performed in strict accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The toggles are to be installed over the markings of manufacturer (if there are no any other requests from the client). The serial number and manufacturing date will be written in the passport of your parachute system.

Price for the above-mentioned tasks - 10 USD


4. Main chute packing + lines inspection.

Within the inspection we check the canopy in order to detect any possible damage, we untwist and inspect the toggles to check for appropriate assembly.

The Main chute is to be packed in strict accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. 

Price for the above-mentioned tasks - 5 USD

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