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Fire actual production terms are

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Authorized as a member of
Parachute Industry Association

Works with AADs

 1. Cypres or Vigil installation

AAD installation is required if you are assembling a new system or if you are reinstalling the AAD into another container. The DOM, serial number and all battery replacements and maintenance will be registered in the passport of the parachute system.

If your container is not equipped for AAD installation we can install the pocket and the guiding channels.

Installation - 5 USDpocket and channels assembly - 50 USD.


2. Cypres batteries replacement and Cypres AAD shipment for maintenance 

Cypres 2 should undergo the routine maintenance at the manufacturer once in 4 years after production. The maintenance usually takes 2-3 months.

If batteries replacement or routine maintenance is required earlier than in 6 months, the expiration period will be reduced and the appropriate mark will be put down in the system’s passport


The shipment scheduled on 5th Dec 2016.



Maintenance  Cypres 2 - 225$

Repair works (non-routine, by a user’s fault: crushed body or broken cable) - 50-100$.

Please contact at [email protected] 

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