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Fire actual production terms are

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Containers service

1. Full container cleaning

SkyWideSystems Company offers parachutists full containers cleaning. In this case the system will be completely dismantled, parachutes and AADs will be disconnected, and the container will be cleaned in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

Price for cleaning: 50 USD.


2. PC pocket replacement

The pocket of PC should be replaced periodically due to wear. Wore or stretched, the pocket may cause unintentional opening of a parachute which can cause injuries or even death.

Our riggers, if necessary, can replace the pocket on the leg strap with the pocket on the bottom of container. We can install additional flaps to protect the bridle, also we can install a velcro to the bridle to protect it from blowing out, which is especially crucial for old containers that don't have this option.

Price for services: 40 USD.


3. Installation of DRD system on previously manufactured Fire's at SWS workshop.

To install DRD on previously manufactured rigs , you have to deliver to SWS:

  1. Fire container.
  2. RSL (if it was earlier installed).
  3. Reserve deployment bag with bridle.

As a result of improvements, an additional DRD pocket and elastic band will be sewn to the reserve flap,

and a pocket + loop on reserve bridle 

Because during production of rig's (since 2008), the RSL was produced in several versions, the design of modified RSL-DRD can vary depending on the modification of the original RSL


The cost of installing DRD on previously manufactured  Fire rigs :

110 USD - if RSL was already installed, and owner delivered it to SWS with container and reserve deployment bag with bridle;

150 USD (Brass carbine)/ 170 USD  (SS carbine) -  if RSL was not installed earlier.


4. Installation of DRD system on previously manufactured Fire's at SWS service centers.   

To install DRD on previously manufactured rigs, you have to read information bulletin SWS #201312 and contact one of our service centers: 

Country Region Service center Contacts
Russia Moscow www.parashop.ru

Web: www.parashop.ru

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +7 915 199 9928,

+7 916 794 0080

Russia Saint-Petersburg



Web: http://vk.com/skyschool

ICQ:  289-417-520

skype: kolyosiko

Email: [email protected] 

тел. +7(952)3710712

Finland Lappeenranta Oopee Luomajoki

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +358 40 515 8546

The cost of DRD installation kit: 200 USD.


5. Additional works

We can provide a number of repairs for most elements of your parachute system. Grommets, buckles replacement, cutaway and reserve housings, hosing’ binding replacement and repairs, velcro’ replacement are the most frequently requested repaors to be made.

Price for services: 20 USD per hour + materials.

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