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Parachutes service

1. Technical control of the Main

We would recommend you to maintain complete technical inspection of your Main chute every 100 jumps, which would help to constantly watch its technical state, do various small minor repairs on time, which in turn will prevent costly and extensive repairs for your Main.

The technical inspection means inspection of risers, links, lines, locations where the lines are attached to the canopy, canopy material, stiching integrity, Main deployment bag and its grommets, Main bridle and PC.

All these services, including packing - 10 USD.



2. Lines replacement and complete reline of a canopy

SkyWideSystems Company can replace the lines on your chute – both partially and completely.

We would recommend you to replace the lines (reline) every 500-600 jumps and to replace the toggles every 200-250 jumps. Your life and your well-being may depend on it.

The replacement of a line may be required after accidental rips, entanglement or abnormal deformation.


Steering lines replacement - 30 USD,

Line replacement - 25 USD,

Canopy reline - 75 USD + set of lines.

The set of lines may cost 200-400 USD depending on the manufacturer.


3. Canopy patching and additional works

Most of damaged canopies may be repaired immediately. Patching, replacement of line sockets and seams repairs are the most frequently requested services. All the materials of various colors and modifications are available in stock for the most of time.

Serious damages may be eliminated at our partner’s Skylark Company.

We can forward some seriously damaged canopies (when sections replacement is required) to their manufacturers - Icarus Canopies and Performance Designs.

Patching - 15-25 USDadditional works - 20 USD per hour.



4. Replacement/installation of metal or soft links, bumpers installation.

There are metal and soft links in stock ready for immediate installation. Also there are always fabric and plastic bumpers for metal links available.

20 USD for soft links + 5 USD for installation5 USD for bumpers + 5 USD for installation.



5. Slider collapse setting

We can upgrade your uncollapsible slider and make it collapsible. This will help remove annoying noise of the slider at piloting and increase the speed of a canopy.

Price for services: 30 USD. 


6. Loop attachment to a slider

For swooping it's a common practice, when slider is stowed after opening, with a rubber band. We offer a few options here. The simplest - a small loop for a rubber band on the slider ribs. It's cheap and fast, but you have to do several wraps for the slider to collapse. We use an option where the rubber is in the center of the slider, on a special stitching. In this case you pull on the rubber, slider collapses, 1 wrap around and it stows on the fixator ball. The fastest and cheapest option. 

Price for services: 30 USD. 

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