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We love our sport - and therefore, would like to support athletes who achieve significant results, as well as instructors who are raising new champions.

We carefully select candidates for our support programs and provide them with discounts to purchase our rigs. In return, we expect them to use our equipment responsibly, to provide feedback to us, and to promote our products. That is - we help you with equipment, and in return look forward to positive results of our investments: in marketing, educational, and karmic areas :)

We do not have strict requirements for candidates. Jump numbers, time in sport or first places in championships are cruicial - any candidate is considered individually. Here are some questions you should ask  yourself to identify you as a potential candidate:

- Teaching beginners or new teams?

- Organizing events at the DZ?

- You are active on your DZ?

- How old is your team?

- You are competing at regional / national / international level?

- How many jumps do you make in a year?

- What are your plans for the next 2-3 years?

- What are your competition and training plans?

- What ratings do you have?

- What could you give to SWS as a sponsored athlete?

 You can contact [email protected] with all questions about sponsorship

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