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Fire actual production terms are

SWS Demo-tours 2020

Authorized as a member of
Parachute Industry Association


For those who have no time to wait SWS Company may offer new containers in stock and used containers, new and used spare parts for Fire and Edge 


New spare parts

Below you will find the list of spare parts for Fire and Edge 2 containers available in stock. You do not have to wait several weeks for your order. The spare parts in stock are made in standard/popular colors.

The terms for ordering spare parts with custom options or colors of straps/materials should be confirmed at order placement.


Main PC (725 ZP) + hacke

Main Bridle

Narrow risers

BASE Risers


BASE Toggles "FLO"

Metal Reserve Handle

Cutaway Handle

SoftLinks for Main/Reserve

Link bumpers

Cutable BOC Pocket


Leg pad covers

Chest strap extender (narrow)

Belly strap

StashBag SWS

SWS Bag for your Canopy

BASE Pilot Chutes

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